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We use “cookies” (small pieces of data we store for an extended period of time on your computer, mobile phone, or other device) to make easier to use, to make our advertising better, and to protect both you and For example, we use them to store your login ID (but never your password) to make it easier for you to login whenever you come back We also use them to confirm that you are logged into, and to know when you are interacting Platform applications and websites, our widgets and Share buttons, and our advertisements. You can remove or block cookies using the settings in your browser, but in some cases that may impact your ability to use

Information we receive from third parties:

  1. Information from other websites.

We may institute programs with advertising partners and other websites in which they share information with us:

– We may ask advertisers to tell us how our users responded to the ads we showed them (and for comparison purposes, how other users who didn’t see the ads acted on their site). This data sharing, commonly known as “conversion tracking,” helps us measure our advertising effectiveness and improve the quality of the advertisements you see.

– We may receive information about whether or not you’ve seen or interacted with certain ads on other sites in order to measure the effectiveness of those ads.

If in any of these cases we receive data that we do not already have, we will “anonymize” it within 180 days, meaning we will stop associating the information with any particular user. If we institute these programs, we will only use the information in the ways we explain in the “How We Use Your Information” section below.

  1. Information You Share With Third Parties

We take steps to ensure that others use information that you share on in a manner consistent with your privacy settings, but we cannot guarantee that they will follow our rules. Read the following section to learn more about how you can protect yourself when you share information with third parties.

Sharing information on You should review the settings to make sure they reflect your preferences. Here are some specific things to remember:

– You can control the visibility of most of the information you share on

– Some of the content you share and the actions you take will show up on your facebook home page.

– You understand that information might be re-shared or copied by other users.

-Certain types of communications that you send cannot be removed, such as comments or/and enquiries.

– If you use an external source to publish information to (such as a mobile application or a Connect site), you should check the privacy setting for that post, as it is set by that external source.

Exporting Information

You (and those you make your information available to) may use tools like RSS feeds, mobile phone address books, or copy and paste functions, to capture and export information from, including your information and information about you.